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About MBK Scholars

Talented young men of color in the Austin Region have significantly lower college matriculation and attainment results than their upper-income White, Asian, and female peers. Changing this statistic is a promise that MBK Scholars makes to the Austin Community. 

MBK Scholars has been designed with the input of more than 100 priority students and family members, as well as professionals such as teachers, mentors, administrators, counselors, and staff from community-based organizations.

There were 3 Pinpointed Needs:

  1. Family and community engagement during program design and implementation must be central.

  2. Programs must be durable, malleable, and individualized to meet students where they are. 

  3. Programming should start early, follow through, and connect students to future college and career options

Executive Board

Meet the Team


Colette Pierce Burnette

MBK Scholars Co-chair


Susan Dawson

MBK Scholars Co-chair


Dorado M. Kinney

MBK Scholars Co-chair


Raul Alvarez

MBK Scholars Co-chair

Team Members


Josh Garcia

MBK Scholars Associate Consultant


Constance Carmona

MBK Scholars Associate Consultant


Yesenia Hernandez

MBK Scholars Social Media Marketing Intern

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