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Ambassador Program

A near-peer mentoring system that started at Pflugerville High School during the 2019 - 2020 school year. This program is built around the rapport and support of recent MBK Scholars alumni who have successfully matriculated to a postsecondary program, and are now serving as Ambassadors to provide mentoring for current MBK Scholars at Pflugerville High School. 


“I had a great experience with MBK last year. They connected me with someone I felt comfortable talking to and someone perfect to learn from. The mentorship was top-notch and his responses to my questions on the topic of college, or the life of a young adult, cured my curiosity.“
- Izzy

“I thought the program was amazing, it definitely helped me keep a level head about the school year. The scholarship opportunities were numerous and the resources on how to find them were great. My mentor was very helpful to me.”
- Romanus

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“I had a very positive experience with the MBK mentorship program and it helped me figure out what I had to do to reach my goals in education and other areas of life.”
- Bereket

“My experience with my MBK mentor was inexplicably amazing, seeing that we went over good study techniques, ways to improve my relaxation habits, and the overall process of engineering as a major. We also covered a little bit of advanced discussion of the universe, which was entertaining seeing that it was similar to the types of discussion my brother and I would have regularly. The biggest positive about the MBK mentor program was the fact that I got to meet with someone who had already started the college experience and could give me spoilers as to how I can make college as smooth as possible!”
- Lambert

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