Jay McCullar

Jay McCullar is Director of MBK Scholars, as well as an Associate Professor of Humanities, Student Development, and Effective Learning Strategies for Austin Community College. He also a proud father of one. As MBK Scholars Director, Jay’s responsibilities include:

  1. Striking the balance of support and pressure to ensure partners are achieving performance outcomes and systems changes;

  2. Informing and receiving feedback from the Greater Austin Area MBK Committees, community members, and scholars;

  3. Working with Huston Tillotson’s business office on payment and other administrative duties; and 4) partnering with the MAYA Consulting team to raise the three-year budget for MBK Scholars and to steward investors.

Jay McCullar is a professor of Humanities and Student Development at Austin Community College and a consultant at MAYA. Jay serves as the director of MAYA’s partnership with My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative created by former President Barack Obama to raise post-secondary enrollment rates of young, disenfranchised men of color. With a passion for mentorship and serving the community, Jay is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of students in the greater Austin, Texas, area.